Records Store Feature : NOLA MIX

Records Store Feature : NOLA MIX

Caught up with our neighbors at Nola Mix this week. We will always have their latest releases in the shop, and look forward to sharing future events and developments with their youth DJ program. Here is the latest from owner Ben Epstein, DJ Yammin

When did you open?

September 2016

What's your background? Have you always wanted to open a records store?

I started collecting records, DJing and producing in 1993. Through my love of Hip-Hop, I got into digging for samples and discovered a treasure trove of Funk, Jazz, Latin music etc...Vinyl records have been a thread in my life so it was a natural progression to open my own shop. 

Is there a particular genre you specialize in?

My main loves are Funk and Hip-Hop but I love all genres of music. As long as it moves me than I'm down.

What's your favorite thing about the day to day of running a shop in New Orleans?

I love to get to discover new music on a daily basis (old or new) and connect with other people who enjoy music as well. It's also amazing to have performances in the shop so that the community can get together and vibe. We also run a youth DJ program out of the shop so it's a pleasure to pass that along. 

What are your 3 favorite records in the shop right now?

Sam Taylor Jr. "The Tunnels Of My Mind"

Celia Cruz "La Reina Del Ritmo Cubano"

MarQ Spekt "Keep Playin'"

Are there any events or releases you'd like to talk about?

My label, Superjock records had a record release party for "NOLA Bounce Breaks V.2" by Quickie Mart, Tony Skratchere and DJ Yamin on February 11th at Gasa Gasa. 

We're also teaming up with Fat Beats to release "King Cake Breaks V.1" by Quickie Mart and DJ Yamin by Fat Tuesday. 

Be on the look out for more free youth DJ workshops in the store...

Musa -- Carnival Mix -- 2017

Musa -- Carnival Mix -- 2017

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