In the Hills with LaRixkieGod

In the Hills with LaRixkieGod

We caught up with LaRixkie while we were both in Los Angeles on business at the end of 2016. 


I’m LaRixkieGod, and I’m in L.A. right now with DNO. We’re out here shooting, making it happen. We contacted each other in the past and now we’re linking in the future, you know? Trying to make things happen…


(In L.A.) I just wrapped a couple meetings with labels. We’re just shopping around right now, trying to shop around my music. It’s pretty much 3 years of work and some new stuff that I have. And I just shot like 3-4 videos out here. One, To Live and Die in LA, and I have another song called Hidden in the Hills. And we shot both of those around the Hollywood area. I wrote To Live and Die in LA out here, but my inspiration for Hidden in the Hills was actually me leaving from here, thinking about coming back.


That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing, man. Trying to build my fanbase. I really started my foundation real heavy in New Orleans because that’s where I’m from…


L.A. is the place to be, man, shopping my music.


Is there anything you miss about New Orleans when you’re out here?


Yes, the food, man! (all laugh) You know popeyes is like 12 dollars for a 2 piece out here, it’s crazy! But I miss city, just cause we’re small and comfortable down there. Out here it’s like super spacious, wide and you know people not too friendly like we are down there, you know?

So that’s what I miss about it: the culture and the food and the southern hospitality. That’s really what it is. It makes me appreciate that I’m from New Orleans.


What are some favorite things about L.A.?


I like going to parties out here because you never know who you’ll meet, females are beautiful, the bud it great — pretty much, it’s L.A., man! What can you not like about it? Pretty much if you’re from the south and you’re just visiting, it’s a whole new world. Like, we’re on top a mountain right now! (all laugh) It’s crazy man! This is my 6th or 7th time coming out here, back and forth, just trying to feel my way around….Being out here working and networking with other people who, you know, might not be from around here. We’re all trying to do the same thing, you know, building towards certain goals, but it’s the networking that’s going to get us out there. By us leaving the state we from and coming to other places trying to prosper and network, that’s really what’s going to keep everything afloat.


I am definitely comfortable out here because no one knows me, I can do what I want. And then I can smoke (laughs) I don’t have to be hiding — I’m tired of that, man! They need to just legalize it down there where we at, man. That’s all. Everything would be better. Crime, everything would be better.

(yeah, absolutely)

Photos by Michael Tucker

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